Extend Your Laptop Battery

Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery


Did you treat yourself or your business to a new laptop at Christmas or in the sales?  If you did then let up offer you some tips on keeping your battery in good health so when you need to use your laptop battery it won’t fail you.


Tip #1

If you have still not bought your laptop then consider buying one that is smaller and lighter in weight. These ultra thin, ultrabooks,  or compact laptops generally will last longer than their bigger and bulkier counterparts.


Tip #2

A couple of times a month you want to let the battery discharge completely and then charge it back up fully again.  This helps improve your batteries lifespan


Tip #3

If you are using your laptop on your desk let it use the battery power every so often.  Keeping your charger in when your battery is fully charged reduces it’s lifespan but please remember to fully charge the battery if you are going to use it where there are no power sockets.


Tip #4

Clean the contacts of the battery with some rubbing alcohol and some cotton buds but make sure the contacts are dry before putting it back in to your laptop.


Tip #5

Never leave your laptop in extreme conditions like a freezing car in winter or a boiling car in summer.  Laptop batteries are designed to run at room temperature.  Also don’t use your laptop in humid conditions like a shower



Now here are some tips for making your battery last longer while using your laptop on the go.

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