3 Great Google Calendar Tips

While you may be adept at keeping tabs on your own schedule using Google Calendar, you may not be getting everything you could out of this resource. Many people don’t realize they can merge other calendars with their Google calendar, which makes it easier to plan your activities ahead. Here are three of the most popular calendars you can add:


Knowing the weekly forecast can greatly affect what things you choose to pencil in for the foreseeable short term. This built-in feature for Google Calendar is available to activate by visiting calendar.google.com and then login to your account. Click on the little cog-shaped icon in the top right corner of your screen, select “Settings,” and choose how you want your weather displayed beside “Show weather based on my location.”

Sports Team:

If you have a season pass to watch your favourite team play or just want to ensure you remember to DVR important games, add the Sports Team feature to your Google Calendar. You can access this feature through Settings, and a lot of different sports teams are represented, including ones from baseball, basketball, football, hockey, cricket, soccer, and rugby.

Facebook Events:

If you follow a favourite band or venue’s happenings on social media, you might consider adding Facebook Events to your Google Calendar. To do this, visit facebook.com/events and right click on Upcoming Events. Copy the URL of an event you wish to follow, then surf over to calendar.google.com. There, click on Add by URL under the Other Calendars Menu and push Add Calendar. This restricts the Facebook Events shown on your calendar just to those you choose.

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