Are you infected

Are You Infected?


Most people only think of a virus that flashes something up on your screen either asking for money or taking you to adult websites.  While this is true for most, some try not to be detected.  If the objective of the virus is to use your computer as a bot then they want to remain hidden and use your computer and internet to do their work.  This work can include sending out spam messages, performing an attack on a website, like Anonymous do or try to capture your bank details.


What’s a spam bot?

It means the virus enables the hacker to use your computer to send out spam to anyone in the world.  In order to get the best results the hacker makes the virus hard to find so they can send as many emails out as possible before it is noticed.  These kind of viruses are very clever and chances are you will get infected from an email, you know the ones, Fed Ex missed you etc…. ( I will post some of the ones I get up), most have an attachment that looks like a word or pdf file.  These files are actually the virus installer and when you run it, it infects your computer.


 How will I know if I am infected?


There are a few ways

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  • Get a bounced email message that you did not send out
  • Get a warning from your ISP, please note only your internet provider will tell you if they think you are infected and they will not offer to fix it.
  • See a slow down in your internet and/or computer
  • You will not notice it


What can I do?

Not one anti virus is perfect and most don’t cover everything so sometimes you need more than one.  Keep your chosen anti virus up to date. I have tested a few solutions over the years and if you would like to discuss this then please call me on 01506 667 990  but below are some of my suggestions




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  • Vipre anti Virus powerful business class anti virus and anti malware product  but can be over protective on which websites you can visit.  At least it will keep you safe.
  • Hitman Pro This anti virus uploads suspicious files to the cloud and then scans them with a few different anti virus programs to make sure it finds any viruses.
  • UTM devices, Unified Threat Management devices are either a dedicated device or a spare computer with special software installed on them.  These usually run a different antivirus software that foes not run on Windows and as such is not affected by any virus that could infect your computers.  These devices do a lot more and are a good investment in any business.
  • Cloud services, you can now get all your internet and emails send through an anti virus checker online so any nasties are stooped before they reach you or you could make sure any known bad websites are blocked so you can’t even load them
  • ME, yes me I can use various industry tools and my knowledge to manually remove any viruses you have picked up and with our remote support service you could get it done fast.  I can then give you some options on how to help prevent it again.