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Banks should not refund victims of online fraud

What are your opinions?

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has said people should not be refunded when they are a victim of online fraud because of their lack of security and bad behaviour.  He considers that the bad behaviour the lack of good strong passwords and not keeping your computer secure and by doing this everyone will be incentified to change their ways and make themselves less of a target and in turn, reduce the number of cybercrimes being committed.

To me. this speech is more to do with making the crimes figures better than actually anything else as for the first time the police will need to include cybercrime in their reports from July and doing this he want those figures to drop.

In my opinion, some will make the change due to the person asking for the change, other so they don’t lose money but most people will not make any change.  I base this on my experiences and that of other IT professionals I have spoken to over the years where you can tell people the best way to protect themselves and they do nothing.  Even when something happens some will not change their ways.  Also, what happens if you already take good security precautions?  Will you get your money back then or will you still be out of pocket?

I want to hear your opinions on both if you think Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is right and if this did become true would it affect the way you deal with your security?