BT / Yahoo Email hacked

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Over the weekend in the space of a few minutes I got a couple of emails with a short text and a link to some site, no I never followed it.  The emails came from businesses but they didn’t use they businesses name in the emails, instead they used BT’s email system which in turn uses Yahoo.


BT are blaming Yahoo and Yahoo seem to be blaming a script between the two, but one thing is clear email accounts are being hacked and then used to send messages to that persons contact list.  When I get these messages I let the two people know so they can change their passwords and try to get their accounts back.  To make matters worse sky will be switching their email service to yahoo soon, so more account might get hacked.


Using these services for business s not ideal and there are better solutions and my preferred solution is Google Apps for business.  Take a look at these two short videos as to why you should switch.

If you are wondering if you should switch here is a review from a business that did switch


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