Charge Your USB Devices Without Leaving Your PC On? Use this Tip

Do you have a device like a smart watch, GoPro (or another camera), or a fitness tracker that has to be charged via USB? Having so many devices requiring USB access to charge can be frustrating, especially if your computer doesn’t charge USB devices when it is in sleep mode. Although you may think you are out of luck, you are not. With a simple tweak to your computer’s settings, you’ll be able to charge all your devices even when your computer is in sleep mode.

You may not have to do a thing. Typically, USB ports that have a yellow rim will work if a computer is in sleep mode without any changes to the settings. If you don’t have a port already set up, follow the following instructions to create one or more port that you can use to charge your devices:

To change your USB port settings, first, open the Device Manager from the Start menu. Find Universal Serial Bus Controllers on the list, and click on it. It will then expand to display another list. Look for any of the USB Root Hubs. Right click on any one you want to use to charge a USB device, and open up the Properties tab. Then, click Power Management and uncheck “Allow this computer to turn off the device in power save mode”. Repeat for as many USB ports as you will like. Keep in mind that if you enact this change on a laptop, devices charging will draw power from your battery. With that simple trick, you will be able to charge any device while your computer is in sleep mode.

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