Check for malware before you are cut off

Check for malware before you are cut off from the internet


At 4AM on Monday morning you could be cut off from the internet if you are infected by the DNS changer malware.  To explain why I will describe a few things


What is DNS in simple terms


when you type a web address in to a browser it has to find were the website you want is stored, so it uses DNS servers to find it.  For my website it looks to see who controls the .uk websites, those servers then point it in the direction of the .co servers.  These servers then point your browser to where the pyramid-it website is stored and your browser displays the website.


What does this DNS changer malware do?

When your browser first goes to look at the internet, the malware stops it going to the internet’s servers and instead it goes to the hackers servers.  This means they can see what websites you are on and try and get your account details.


Why is it going to stop my internet?

On the 8th of November the FBI and a few other law enforcement agencies raided the hackers and took over their servers.  This meant they could not get any more account details but they needed to keep them on so people could stay connected to the internet.  since then they have put advert of social media and other places but not so much here, that they are going to switch these servers off.  When this happens your computer will try to get your website but because the server is switched off it will not display anything.


How d I know if I am infected?

This is simple go to a DNS checker website like this one.  It will tell you if you are infected or not.  If you are then it needs to be removed so you can access the internet.


Other websites

Here are some more websites for more information