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Latest update on Cryptolocker

cryptolocker screen


Cryptolocker is a very nasty virus/ransomware that encrypts your files on your computer and any mapped network drive and then demands money for them to decrypt your files.  You can see my other blog post on protecting yourself from Cryptolocker.


I got this information from another IT professional as he received the email and when testing it in a safe environment found it to be the cryptolocker virus.


The details of the email are:

From: HSBC Bank <>
Subject: Payment

Attachment name: BANK TT COPY (2).rar


With the email body saying:


Dear sir,

Sequal to the payment instruction issued by our client; the attached is the swift copy of your payment


Kindly open the attached file for the payment detail



Mrs Tejendra SOMANI, Director


8 Canada Sq

Canary Warf, London, United Kindom

Tel: …….


IF you get this email let HSBC know by forwarding the email to as per their instructions on their website


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