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Cryptowall and the correct backup

What is the cost of the wrong backup?

your files are encrypted

As a consultant I always advise in getting a backup system in place for when something bad should happen but what if you got the wrong type of backup or just bought from a sales person and not an IT consultant?

From the image you might have guessed this is about one of my clients that got cryptolocker 3.0.  A very nasty virus the encrypts all your files and a ransom must be paid to get them back. These can cost about £500 if paid quickly and can even double if you don’t pay within a week.

In this case he had online backup from PC World with their Knowhow Cloud so you would thing he was safe, right?  His files were backed up with over 25GB of data and over 21,000 files for his business.  After looking around the program I could see his files but only the latest versions which were all encrypted.  At this point I called Knowhow technical support on how to get the original files so my client can get back to work.  I called as I am not familiar with their program and it was the quickest option for my client. The resultant answer was not what I wanted to hear.

Their answer to getting all the original un encrypted files was to log on to their online portal click on each file individually and then restore the original version.  This might work with only a few files but with over 21,000 I could see my week being eaten away with this.  At this point I let my client know and he just wanted his laptop cleaned from any and all viruses and to not bother about his files.

The truth of this is it will easily take over 10 hours to manually recover all his files and that is a lot of time that could be spent making money.  With the right advise This client could have taken a different backup program and one that allows a full download of his files from a certain date making the whole process quick and easy.

Not all backup solutions are the same, this one from Knowhow is ideal if you delete a file or if you save over a single file by mistake.  In this case it would have been easy to fix but when a full system is needing recovered or files from a certain date then some advise could have helped.

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