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Hard Drive Wiping Service


new hard drive wiping service for businesses in Livingston

Do you have an old computer sitting around your office that you don’t want to get rid of because it has sensitive information on it?  From customer details to bank statements to saved passwords we can wipe the lot from your computers hard drives.  

Did you know that you are legally obliged to make sure all sensitive data like customer information is wiped from your hard drives before you recycle, dispose or sell your computers?


We have invested in some new technology that will wipe your hard drive to the standard used by the British government, this is equivalent to American Department of Defence.  We also verify that your data on the hard drive has been wiped, then we will issue you with a certificate of destruction for your records.  This means you know your data will be gone for good, leaving you with a the knowledge that no one can recover your information and use it against you.  You are also making sure that you will not be fined by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as they have fined people in the past before for failing to wipe hard drives.


With our hard drive wiping service you will be safe in the knowledge that the data from your old hard drive will be unrecoverable.  After this you could dispose of the computer how you see fit, should you want us to dispose of the computer for you then we reserve the right to donate the computer to a charity before sending it for disposal.


So to get your hard drives wiped simply give us a call on 01506 667 990

To introduce this new we are offering an offer valid until the end of June.  Print off or quote our promo code above and receive your 50% discount

From Wikipedia her is a description of the standar IS5d we use


IS5 sets a wide range of requirements – not just the technical detail of overwriting data, but also the policies and processes that organisations should have in place, to ensure that media are disposed of securely. IS5 also touches on risk management accreditation, because secure reuse and disposal of media is an important control for organisations handling high-impact data. It’s not sufficient just to sanitise media; the sanitisation should also be auditable, and records must be kept.

IS5 defines two different levels of overwriting:

  • Baseline overwriting of data involves one pass, overwriting every sector of the storage medium once with randomly generated data.
  • Enhanced overwriting involves three passes; each sector is overwritten first with 1s, then with 0s, and then with randomly generated 1s and 0s.

Regardless of which level is used, verification is needed to ensure that overwriting was successful.

For more information here are some links to the ICO on hard drive wiping and fines

ICO Unscrubbed Hard Drives Report 

NHS Surrey fined for not wiping hard drives



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