Do you want your friends to know your wifi passkey?

Windows 8.1 & 10 Wi-Fi Sense

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense

A feature you may or may not be aware of in windows 8.1 & 10 devices is the WI-FI sense.  It uses your location data to crowd soured networks and that automatically accepts their terms and conditions, for some this may be a blessing to save their data cap but for anyone that sends and receives sensitive data it could be a legal mine field as you don’t know what security they have, if they redirect you to an unscrupulous server or if anyone can intercept your data.


Another feature is allowing your Facebook, Skype or contacts, or all three, so when they are within range they will automatically connect to your WI-FI.  One thing to note it is all or nothing, in that you cannot share your WI-FI details with certain people as it needs to be with all of them.

I don’t want anyone accessing my WI-FI

In order to stop this happening we advise doing two things, firstly turn the feature off on your device.

  1. Go to Settings Settings icon > Wi-Fi > Manage.

  2. Under Known networks, tap and hold the network that you want to stop sharing access to, and then tap Do not share. When you do this, it can take a few days for the network to stop being shared. This is also true if a user is already connected to the network.

If you want to stop sharing all Wi-Fi networks that you’re currently sharing, in Settings Settings icon >Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Sense, turn off Share Wi-Fi networks I select Toggle Off icon. It can take a few days for the networks to which you’ve shared access to stop being shared. Likewise, when you turn this setting off, you won’t get connected to Wi-Fi networks that your contacts have shared with you.

The second action you can take is to add  “_optout” without the quotes to your WI-FI’s SSID, the name you see when looking for WI-FI connections.

If you need any help configuring the the above to keep your WI-FI private or to stop your phone connecting to others WI-FI then call us on 01506 667990