how to add people to your white and black lists

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Firstly let us just go over what are black and white lists.



Are your way of telling exchange that I fully trust any email sent from this person or company and not to check the emails for spam or viruses.  This can be dangerous but sometimes essential if that person’s email server has not been set up correctly and as a result, exchange automatically thinks their emails are either fraudulent or spam.


Are the exact opposite of whitelists, this is where you tell exchange to skip any filters and block all emails from this person or company.  As a result, you will never see any emails from them no matter how low their spam score or validity.

If you need to check if an email is stuck in your spam filter then check out this help page


To add people or organisations to your lists follow these instructions


  1. Go to

email manage 1

2. Log in using your email address as your username and your password

3. Click on the “email security settings” link

email security

4.  The pop up window will show you your spam protection level, we normally leave this on medium but please note that by changing this you will either receive more spam or run the risk of more genuine emails being declaired as spam.

email security1

5. To add someone to your whitelist click on the whitelist rules on the left.  I recommend adding items one at a time.  You can add a person by typing their full email address or you can add a whole domain by typing the @ symbol and the part ofter it like  Everyone you add will show up below whitelist entries, where you have the option of deleting that person by clicking on the bin icon to the right of their name.

email security2

6. To add a blacklist entry is exactly the same.  Click on blacklist rules on the left and type in the email address or domain  to never receive an email from them again.

email security3

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