How to check if an email was classed as SPAM or a virus

Sometimes genuine emails are caught in the spam filter, this can be how they are written, the grammar used but more often it is how their email server has been set up. The virus filter will catch a number of banned extensions that can infect your computer as well as password protected zip files.

If you need to check if an email you are waiting on has been caught in one of the filters then follow these instructions.

  1. Go to

email manage 1

2. Log in using your email address as your username and your password


3. Click on the archives link

email manage 2

4. This opens up a page where you can see a summary of all your email including received, sent, spam and viruses

email manage 31

5. To check for Spam click on the SPAM tab or to see if an email has been classed as a virus click the virus tab

email manage 3

6. Here you will see all the emails caught in the filter, in this case, the spam filter.  It gives you details on who sent it, who it was addressed to, subject, time and spam score.  depending on the level of protection the score it needs will change.  You can also view the email by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right-hand side.

email manage 4

7. From here you can see if you need this email or if indeed it is spam.  If you want to receive this email click on Re-deliver email at the bottom right, however, you might need to add that person or company to your whitelist so it will not get caught up again.  To add a person to your whitelist see our guide here

email manage 5

8. To return back to the spam list click on “back to email list” at the bottom left of the pop-up window

Last Update: September 7, 2016  

September 7, 2016   Craig Bishop    Hosted Exchange    
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