Don’t be held hostage with critical programs on old systems

Get More Out of Your Existing IT Infrastructure with Virtualization


Many businesses still rely on legacy applications to keep their operations running smoothly, even though more recent versions of the same programs are out on the market. Despite these new features and enhancements, companies may find that many of their old programs still work just fine, and they understandably see no need to change.


There are indeed many good reasons to keep legacy applications up and running, and implementing a new system can be expensive, not to mention the time and money needed to train employees. However, if the applications are running on aging hardware, there is always an increased risk of system failure, and downtime can be extremely costly. Fortunately, virtualization offers a way of improving performance and security without the need for a costly and disruptive software upgrade.


Computer hardware is always improving, while costs are dropping. Virtualization lets you run your legacy applications in environments that are newer, faster and more reliable, as well as easier to administer. It’s a way of tricking the application into thinking it’s running in the old machine, when in fact it’s operating in an entirely new one, with much better performance.


The latest virtualization technologies have reached such a level of sophistication that countless businesses have already safely migrated their critical legacy applications to newer and better hardware. Migration is now relatively pain free, since the virtualization process preserves all application settings and configurations, meaning there is ‘virtually’ little downtime and risk. The benefits are too numerous to list here, but feel free to contact us if you need more information on how virtualization can transform your IT infrastructure.