Extend Your Laptop Battery

Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery


Did you treat yourself or your business to a new laptop at Christmas or in the sales?  If you did then let up offer you some tips on keeping your battery in good health so when you need to use your laptop battery it won’t fail you.


Tip #1

If you have still not bought your laptop then consider buying one that is smaller and lighter in weight. These ultra thin, ultrabooks,  or compact laptops generally will last longer than their bigger and bulkier counterparts.


Tip #2

A couple of times a month you want to let the battery discharge completely and then charge it back up fully again.  This helps improve your batteries lifespan


Tip #3

If you are using your laptop on your desk let it use the battery power every so often.  Keeping your charger in when your battery is fully charged reduces it’s lifespan but please remember to fully charge the battery if you are going to use it where there are no power sockets.


Tip #4

Clean the contacts of the battery with some rubbing alcohol and some cotton buds but make sure the contacts are dry before putting it back in to your laptop.


Tip #5

Never leave your laptop in extreme conditions like a freezing car in winter or a boiling car in summer.  Laptop batteries are designed to run at room temperature.  Also don’t use your laptop in humid conditions like a shower



Now here are some tips for making your battery last longer while using your laptop on the go.


Tip #6

Defrag your laptop’s hard drive before you leave, this can take a while so make sure you do it in advance.  While windows 7 and 8 do this regularly it is always advisable to make sure it has been done.  This stops your hard drive searching for information as much and as a result uses less power.


Tip #7

Don’t use the DVD drive, if you need any data from a DVD or CD then try and put it on your computer before you leave.


Tip #8

Disconnect any USB devices that you are not using.  Keeping a thumb drive uses power so disconnect it while not in use and don’t charge your Ipod up while on the go as this will quickly drain your laptops battery.



Disable any hardware that you are not using.  This is mainly WIFI and Bluetooth.  If you are not using these then disable them wither with a keyboard shortcut, switch or in the device manager


Tip #10

Add more RAM, this means more information can be stored in the RAM and uses less virtual memory.  Virtual memory is when the computer moves information from RAM to hard drive to free up the space and hard drive use more power than RAM.


Tip #11

Get an SSD instead of a hard drive.  These are not only faster they also use less power so your battery will last longer.


Tip #12

shut down all programs you are not using, even start up programs.  These take up space on your RAM, access the hard drive and use the CPU.  All of which uses more power so run the bare minimum you can and don’t multitask either.


Tip #13

Dim your Screen to as level you can work with


Tip #14

Mute your speakers.  while not an obvious option it will help and will also stop you annoying others while you travel.


Tip #15

If you like your laptop to start up as you left it then choose hibernate instead of standby.  Hibernate switches your laptop off and will start it back up the way you left it and as a result saves power between uses.


Tip #16

Create a power saving profile so when you are out and about it is easy to make the changes you need to save power.  Then when you get back to the office or house you can easily revert back to normal use.


Tip #17

If you see a noticeable decline in the time your battery lasts then it might be best to replace it.


I hope you found these useful and if you want tips on anything else just ask.