Five Things to Start The New Year off Right

Five Things to Start The New Year off Right 

A new year is a new start for us all. It’s not just a new tax year, but a time to start new habits. Your computer systems aren’t exempt from this. Here are five things everyone should regularly do. If you need help with any of these, just let us know.

Testing Backups
Your backups won’t do you much good if you can’t restore the data. It’s even worse when the right data isn’t being backed up. Every month you should run a sample restore of your data. The ensures you can rely on your backups in an emergency. If you’re using cloud-based backups, testing is especially important. It’s possible the initial backup never completed or you don’t have the login credentials. We see problems like this often in the field, so that’s why we assist clients with testing.

Checking System Logs
When a computer fails, wouldn’t it be nice if it warned you it was about to crash, in particular, when you are close to a deadline and need to rely on your computer. You might be surprised that your computer actually has some of these alarms built-in. Much like an airplane’s black box, a computer records all sorts of errors or problems. Most of these entries don’t explain a problem. Some log entries though, warn of a serious and impending failure weeks or months before it occurs. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. This early warning system doesn’t do you much good unless you check it. One service we provide is to check those logs and separate the important warning messages from the mere annoying ones.

A Performance Check-Up and Diagnostics
Like it or not, computer performance degrades over time. Sometimes it’s a series of updates that slow down the system. “Defragging” a computer doesn’t’ do much for modern system. Some computers could be damaged by doing a defrag. Other times your computer needs a few inexpensive upgrades. Instead of buying a new computer, we suggest allowing us to take a look to see if we can improve performance. Often what seems like a big annoyance to you is a simple problem we can solve. Please don’t download programs that claim to improve your performance. These often infect your computer with viruses and other junk. It ends up costing clients more when they download these programs, since we have to remove viruses.

Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits and Other Malware Prevention

Whatever you call it, there are people and programs out there that want to hurt your computer. A good, up-to-date and reliable anti-malware program protects your computer. The problem is they don’t always work right. We find that clients’ subscriptions have expired or another program turned the protection off. That’s why you need to open your antivirus or other protection program and test it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a legitimate program and what programs are tricking you into thinking they are protecting you. Fortunately, we know the difference.

Cleaning Your Computer – Another Form of Virus Protection
Some viruses infect computers while viruses and bacteria others infect humans. That’s because the computer hosts all sorts of germs. We might sneeze on our computers or keyboards or eat the occasional meal at our desk. You can’t put a computer through a washing machine. If you have pets or smoke near your computer, the system gets bogged down with particles. That causes the computer to overheat or just stop working. A dirty computer also attracts vermin that will damage the computer as well. You can’t use standard household or even industrial cleaning supplies on computers. Some solutions damage your computer’s finish. Vacuum cleaners could cause a static charge and destroy your computer.

We can help you find the right supplies or do the cleaning for you.