Free Virus removals

Virus removal

Managed anti virus & Internet security

Have you ever had someone suggest an anti virus product but when you get infected they want to charge you for the removal as well?

At Pyramid IT we thought that it was unfair to recommend a product but not stand by it and also make someone accountable for maintaining technology when they might not understand it fully.  That is why we have started our new service.  Take out our managed internet security package at £4 per month per device and we will remove any virus for you.  This offer is for PC’s laptops and Mac’s.


We don’t just recommend our internet security products we stand by them.  For your money you will get:

  • Anti virus
  • Anti Malware
  • Monitored results to spot infections
  • We keep our system updated
  • Anti Phishing – stop someone trying to steal your usernames or passwords
  • Internet control – block individual websites or website categories like gambling or shopping
  • scans incoming and outgoing emails to help prevent spam

We can also send weekly reports showing you what has been caught and if could not remove anything it did catch.


If this is something you would like to know more about then call us on 01506 667 990