How Google Apps saved me

Thank you Google Drive

google drive west lothian


How did Google drive save me?  I was due to give a presentation to a local business networking group.  The presentation was just a basic introduction to backup and cloud services.  I had my day planned out, respond to some emails and then get ready to go the lunch time event. You know what they say about the best laid plans, it never worked out like that and I got a call for help, which I fixed, but now I was running late.


More speed less haste.

I ran out the door to make it on time but by the time I was almost there I realised I had left my speech on my desk and the word DOOOH rang through my head.  If I turned back I would be late for the meeting and that would not be very professional, however I remembered I could get access to a computer at this venue and this kept me calm.


Why did this keep me calm?

My speech had been typed and stored on Google Drive.  This meant I could access my file from any computer with an internet connection.  SO I went to the venue got access to a computer and printed my speech off in a couple of minutes.  While Google Drive can be seen as an online storage product it offers a whole lot more and should I have not been able to get access to a computer my Android phone or Ipad would have been able to display my speech either through the app or by the browser.  I just prefer reading from paper over a screen and that is how Google Apps for business and in particular Google Drive saved me.