How much improper internet usage is costing your business?


Get the most out of your employees

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According to a recent Gallup poll, the average employee spends over 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activities. That translates into an annual loss of 300 hours per year, per employee. Multiply that by 20 employees for an average small business and the bill will go up to 6000 hours per year!


These activities revolve around personal email, online gambling, instant messaging and chat programs, chat rooms, social media, and a host of other websites and applications.


These activities are major time wasters and a huge drain on labor costs and business productivity.


Another major drawback is the amount of internet bandwidth being wasted and which prevents other employees from getting their work done in a timely manner. Additional exposure to time wasting websites can also increase the likelihood of catching malware and/or virus infections which adds another cost dimension, in case this causes business outage and an involved cleanup process.


By implementing a system to monitor and track these activities not only you will increase your business productivity, but it will also result in significant cost savings. A system with good reporting capabilities is invaluable during performance reviews and will keep employees “honest”.


There are many systems available on the market today. They come in all shapes and forms: free and commercial, standalone or centralized. Some solutions can be installed on the network and others need to be installed on individual workstations. Some solutions are purchased outright and others are leased or have a monthly subscription. Some solutions are installed on your premise and others are delivered over the cloud.


A very important factor to consider is to understand the legality of implementing an employee monitoring system. You’ll also want to have an Acceptable User Policy (AUP) that clearly defines what can and cannot be done online during work hours; and that all computers and online activities are monitored. Employees must be notified of such policy and of the internet monitoring system in place. Consult with your lawyer on the implementation of such a system.


We offer a FREE Acceptable User Policy that you can use or we can get a tailored Acceptable User Policy made just for you.

Every business is unique and what works for other businesses might not work for you. A sure way to find the best solution for your business is to have us review your systems with you and go through a quick assessment/questionnaire. Once we figure out your requirements, exact specifications, and budget, we can recommend the solutions that will best fit your business.