How to stop your Kids buying in app purchases

How to stop your Kids buying in app purchases.

You might have seen the news today that the OFT want to find out if games pressure you to buy coins, gems, upgrades in games.  There has been a few cases in the news of kids running up large bills through in app purchases and here are some tips on how to stop this from happening


Here’s how to stop it happening to you, in two simple steps:

1. Don’t ever share your iTunes password with your children.

2. Go to the Settings menu of your iPad (or iPhone / iPod touch), tap on General, then Restrictions. Tap on the Enable Restrictions button and choose a PIN (not the same one used to unlock the device). Then scroll down to the Allowed Content section, and either turn In-App Purchases off completely using the switch, or change the Require Password option to “Immediately” rather than “15 minutes”. The PIN will ensure that only you can change these settings in the future.

Job done. Although if the device is being used regularly by your child, you may wish to spend a little extra time tweaking the Allowed Content settings, such as age ratings for apps, TV shows, movies and music.

But yes, the two steps above will ensure that your child can’t make merry with your iTunes Store account.

For Android
Open the Android market app, then check the settings of the app. Make sure you have an option called “Use PIN for purchases”.

  • Adding security for buying apps in android
  • Lets get started in setting up PIN for your account. Click on “Set or Change Pin”.
  • A popup window will be opened and ask for PIN to enter. Type the Pin and Press “OK”.
  • Again another popup Screen will appear and ask for Reenter to confirm the New PIN.
  • Provide the same PIN code and press ” OK”.
  • Now you have setup the PIN .
  • Give Tick mark For ” Use PIN for Purchases”.

Its time to Test the settings, Get into the android store and select any paid app to buy.

Before buying you have to click on “Accept & Buy”, then a popup Screen appears to enter the PIN


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By Steven Burrows