Is Your Internet Going Slower?

Is Your Internet Going Slower?


Picture of a snail to symbolize slow internet

You may or may not have seen that the internet is about to hit a magic number of 512,000 entries.

Why is that a problem? Some of the older router that support the internet can only support 512,000 entries, meaning that they will forget or can’t learn some entries. Should this happen then you might not be able to access the website you are looking for or it will take longer while it looks for a new path through the internet.

Some big companies have already blamed the bug for disrupting their service and these include eBay, Time-Warner and hosting firm LiquidWeb.

While companies are trying to implement work around for this problem it will take some time fix so be patient and it will be the smaller companies that might struggle more than the bigger ones.

In this case there is nothing much you can do except be patient as this has happened before with 128,000 and 256,000 limits, so it will be fixed.

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