Keep your software updated

Is your software up to date?


Did you know most hackers and malware infections are through outdated software?


Keeping your software updated in your office is the best way to avoid getting infected.  Some software manufactures have this built in to their software so it checks for updates when you start the program.  Others even create a service to check for updates even when you are not using the software but they are some that don’t do this.  It is always advisable to check on a regular basis to keep yourself safe.


Another thing I have found is updates showing as available but no one in the office updates them or the computer.  This leaves a lot of security holes for criminals to exploit and run their programs and all it takes is a few minutes at the end of the day or do it just before you go for lunch and have it finished for when you return.


There is even software that will keep all the most common programs up to date for you.


Here are a couple of links to see the kind of security holes we mean