latest OS X adds TRIM support

TRIM support in OS X 10.10.4ssd

For a long time now Microsoft users have been able to enjoy the full benefits of an SSD drive as without it an SSD will become slower over time.  TRIM basically looks to see which part of the drive had information on it that is considered unused so it can erase and then reuse that space when needed.

Up until Apple only supported TRIM on it’s own SSD drives, if you used a third party SSD drive in your Mac then you needed a separate app to do this for you but now Apple have written it in to OS X  10.10.4 to support other drives, however you do need to enable it through the terminal window.

Before you enable TRIM we would recommend that you fully backup your MAC device so should anything go wrong you will not lose any of your important data, emails or apps

To enable TRIM open up the terminal window and type:

sudo trimforce enable

You will now get a warning then asking you to type Y or N.  The reason is that every manufacturer implements TRIM in different ways so Apple just want to cover themselves should something happen. Now just reboot your device and everything should be up and running nice and fast.


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