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Microsoft are going to be giving away Windows 10 free for the first year to anyone that has Windows 7 or the hated Windows 8/8.1.  

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson then said to think of windows 10 as a service.  This got a lot of people talking and speculating that charges would apply after the first year or that an ongoing payment would be needed, however Terry has now clarified this saying no other payment is needed but after the year it will no longer be free to upgrade from these versions of Windows

The “Windows as a service” in fact relates to small continual changes an no more large changes like going from windows 7 to windows 8. So it will it just be called windows in the future? Here is what Terry said on the matter.

We’ll deliver new features when they’re ready, not waiting for the next major release. We think of Windows as a Service – in fact, one could reasonably think of Windows in the next couple of years as one of the largest Internet services on the planet.

And just like any Internet service, the idea of asking “What version are you on?” will cease to make sense – which is great news for our Windows developers. With universal Windows apps that work across the entire device family, developers can build one app that targets the broadest range of devices – including the PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, the Internet of Things, and more.

When you upgrade it will cover updates for the lifetime of your computer/laptop so no need to worry about the old windows xp problem of a retiring operating system.  In fact as Windows will continually evolve then all your apps should evolve with it to continually work.  The big problem I see for businesses is the smaller business critical programs that some companies use as they don’t always have the team to continually update their programs and this could leave some companies with programs that don’t work.

The aim of Microsoft is to get all their devices working closely with each other and with this in mind they are giving office products on phones and tablets, the mail and calendar apps are very close to each other and they are currently writing apps that will work on your computer, phone and Xbox.


Here is a video explaining the new features and integration in more detail.

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