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Microsoft changes approach to Windows 10

Windows 10 now a recommended upgrade


Microsoft has changed the Windows 10 upgrade from optional to recommended.  This might not seem a big difference but it is to your computer.

If you have Windows set to automatically install updates then it will do this for security, critical nd recommended updates but leave the optional ones out for you to manually go in and do yourself.  So by changing it your computer could now install Windows 10 without you giving it permission.

For most this will be either something they were thinking about, an annoyance at having the change thrown at them or more worryingly it will prevent some of their programs running and cause their business to grind to a halt.

The good news is if it did install on your computer and you dont like it or it causes you problems with your programs then it can be undone.

If you need help with this then please call us on 01506 667990 or email support@pyramid-it.co.uk