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What is happening in the Microsoft world



January has been a busy month for Microsoft from news about XP to their latest rumour of windows 9.  I have tried to condense it into one location but let us know what you think.


 Let’s start with Microsoft windows XP


Unless you have been in hiding you will know that support ends in April but Microsoft have announced that they will extend support for it’s malware definitions.  Just so everyone understands they will stop writing security updates for XP, which will leave it vulnerable to hackers and virus writers, they are just going to keep on supplying updates to help windows defender find malware.  To us this is a bad message as some might think they are still supporting and providing fixes for everything.

One other thing that has been spotted is Sophos security products have stopped supporting XP as well, this means that their software is not installing on XP computers.  They are more than likely just trying to protect themselves as if a hacker finds a vulnerability after the end of support, someone might try and blame Sophos for the virus when it was nothing to do with them.  This trend will only continue, especially with security products as they do not want to take the blame.


Windows 9


Yes you seen correctly, it is expected that Microsoft will announce Windows 9 in April for an April 2015 launch date.  With some calling windows 8 the new Vista and lots of unhappy customers, this could be a fresh start to get things right.  For us the big things are

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  • Start Menu
  • Boot to desktop
  • Option not to use the Metro tiles at all



What would you like to see from windows 9 when it is realised