Norton File insight keeps popping up

Norton File insight keeps popping up

Norton insight

I had a regular client phone up saying that Norton keeps on popping up in the corner and it stops me typing when I am working.  We decided it would be best if I could remote access his computer to see the error and like most computers it decides to behave when I am watching it.  So the next day I went out to have a good look and sure enough Norton’s file insght kept op popping up saying a number of different files were safe.  It was unusual as the same files kept on appearing in a short distance.  After a scan with Norton and a different program, both didn’t find much, the pop ups kept on happening.

Using the file insight tool I was able to find where these files were located on the computer and after rebooting the computer I was able to delete them.  I found a lot of these files after going looking for them in a hidden folder.  However after a short time Norton flagged the same files but in a new folder.  To cut the story short and prevent boredom.  a folder called GC was in 3 different locations with a few files in it but one was called chrome.exe, I had to manually remove all 3 folders and all it’s contents before everything was running smoothly.  The proper Google chrome web browser is actually in a different folder.

If you have these pop ups from Norton happening every few minutes then give us a call on 01506 667 990 and we can fix this for you.

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