On the Job – hiding cables at a reception

See how tidying cables can make your business look more professional


I was recently called in to a dental clinic where the reception computer was only connecting to the network intermittently.  When I arrived the computer and cables were at her feet and all over the floor under the reception desk.  I moved the computer can you can see how the cables were below

Untidy cables

The network cable had been damaged by the chair constantly being wheeled over it to the point the copper cable inside was damaged and only made contact certain ways it was moved and this is why it worked sometimes but not others.   See the faulty cable below:

Faulty cable

Once I replaced the faulty cable the computer didn’t have a problem connecting to the office network or the internet, however I didn’t want this to happen again as the downtime for the receptionist and having to call me out again would not be ideal so while I was there I got permission to tidy the cables up and move the computer out of the way to a slot that was designated for the computer to sit.  Once this was all done the receptionist was over the moon with the extra leg room and also not having to worry about damaging the computer or cables while working.   Check out the finished look below and let me know what you think.

tidy reception

If you have a reception desk that you want cables hidden to prevent damage and make it look more professional or for some IT support then please call us on 01506 667990 or fill in the form below.

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