On The Job new broadband

Changing broadband isn’t always a smooth transition



One of our clients is a business centre who told us with short notice that they were changing broadband providers.  This created a problem as they hosted their own email server from another company but also wanted to get away from this as it was more than they needed.  I would need to make sure that their existing clients could still access the internet and also make sure their own network was safe and secure from anyone else. They like to use our computer support service whenever they have a problem.

The biggest problem for this was the previous IT company never had gave any documentation so any passwords for their access points or other hardware are non existent along with how it is all connected together.

When the broadband was switched the clients could not get internet access so I bypassed the server as both the broadband and router had different settings and they wanted to move away from the server anyway.  At the same time they discovered they were in fact getting two broadband connections installed.  With all the changes a few access points needed their settings changed to allow them to see the new router. once this was done I went round their clients making sure they all had internet connections and in same cases having to reconnect to the access points so they could pick up the new changes.

With the discovery of the second broadband connection I moved the reception and office on to the second broadband connection.  This meant they were completely separate from their clients and kept their information secure.  In doing this I also had to reprogram the printer so the office computers could see it again then re install the printer on all the computers so they could print to their printer.

The next step was setting up their emails, as they had been using their own server I saved all their emails they had and then started to setup new accounts using a hosted server. The hosted server meant better reliability and easier access to their emails.  With this completed I then imported all their old emails to their new account so they had full copy of everything so they could refer back to earlier emails from the old system should they need to.

With a little additional training we were able to get this business back up and running quickly with additional security which will help this business prosper.