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Help My Computer is Beeping

I thought I would share with you a call out I had recently and how we help our clients get back on their feet when they need our service.  Recently I got called out to an office where I got told:

I need your help, my computer froze so I restarted it but now it only has a blank screen at it beeps.  I need to get my calendar, emails and all the shared files on my computer so my office can run.

The computer was being used to share files to everyone and also being used by the director as his computer.  I arrived there and went about testing this HP computer only to conclude it was a motherboard fault and while I could fix it it might take a few days to get the parts.  This was a windows 8 computer that had the Microsoft licence key on the motherboard so it would have needed a replacement from HP.  My client informed me that he was going on holiday next week and needed everything up and running before then.

The solution we can to was to get a new computer from PC World just along the road and set it up.  So that is what I did, I setup the computer from scratch, I setup the new users accounts and a new shared folder.  From there I connected all the other computers to this shared folder and made sure there was a short cut on everyone’s desktop to make it easy for them to access.

Now my attention was to get the new computer finished and to do this I had to

  • Install Office 2013
  • Set up Outlook with 2 email accounts
  • connect the old hard drive to the new computer so we could access all the documents
  • Transfer all the old emails to the new accounts
  • make sure all the contacts and calendar appointment transferred with the emails
  • Transfer the shared files across
  • Transfer all the directors personal documents across
  • Install Norton on the computer
  • Install and setup the cloud backup system and make sure all the correct folders were being backed up.

The file transfer we reporting a transfer time of around 7 hours so I left it running overnight and in the morning I remotely access the computer to make sure everything was running again.  While doing this I was asked to find some files that he needed to run a bit of software specific to his industry and the support team from this company needed them to finish configuring it for him.  I was able to find all these files and then put them in an easily accessible location.


With the quick help from Pyramid IT we managed to get the director working that night as he had a meeting with a client and all his shared files were ready for his staff in the morning.


If you would like this type of IT service to support your business, then simply pick up the phone and call us on 01506 667990