OS X security problems

Mac OS X face security problems


Having spoken to may Apple Mac users I always hear Windows is full of security holes and I never need any Anti virus or security for my Mac, well time have changed.  While that might have been true a while ago it certainly can’t be said now.  As popularity for Apple Macs and their operating system OS X have grown over the past few years so has unwanted attention from hackers and scammers.


The past month has seen 3 zero day vulnerabilities, this is where hackers are already using holes in the system to gain access or run programs they want without you knowing.  Between these problems and security problems caused by other programs that you have installed, it is vitally important to not only keep everything up to date but also to have some kind of security product installed on your machine.


Our Mac support packages help businesses keep on top of things like updating OS X and other programs that have been installed as this can be the main way hackers and viruses can get in.


We also recommend getting an anti virus product for your Mac as, just like Windows computers, if you want to keep your computer and documents safe then it is now necessary.  Just like on a Windows computer it will slow your mac down a bit as it needs RAM and accesses your hard drive but if configured correctly it should not interfere with you working.


If you need any help securing your Mac or want to know more about our anti virus product for Mac’s then call us on 01506 667990