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Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal In Edinburgh

Virus and Malware infections are becoming smarter and more destructive.
Simply removing a virus could cause even more damage.

If your business gets infected by a virus it can cause all sorts of problems, from malware stopping you using a computer to a virus using your computer to send out SPAM. It may even read your contact lists to send out emails with attachments to infect other computers.  Some of the newer infections seen today force you to pay a ransom to get your files back and without a backup you have no choice other than to pay!

You need to deal with this as quickly as possible.
With our virus and malware removal service you can.

We will assess the type of virus or malware which has infected your equipment, and then provide you with the best solution to get rid of it without damaging your files.

We have dealt with a number of businesses in the Livingston and Edinburgh area which have been infected with malware. As a result, we have gained a lot of knowledge on how they work and how to remove them quickly and effectively. If you are concerned, we can assess what the next step should be and then safely remove all traces.

If you run your own email server we will also check to make sure the virus has not blacklisted your address, otherwise you may not be able to send emails to some of your clients.

You are not alone in this problem, businesses in Livingston and Edinburgh are finding that hackers are using adverts on genuine websites and fake emails to spread their Viruses and malware, making them hard to avoid.

What We’ll Do To Remove An Infection:

  • Manually stop and remove any active executable Virus files
  • Run a security scan to find any remaining Malware files
  • Uninstall any remaining programs that can cause problems or security holes that your business does not use
  • Check to make sure that the Virus or Malware has not diverted your internet traffic to their servers
  • Check that Windows can get updates and fix this problem if the virus has stopped this
  • Make sure you can open your programs as some Malware can block programs from opening
  • Verify that your documents and emails open fine
  • Verify your email address has not been blacklisted

Once we are finished we can perform a free, no obligation review of your computer security with free trials of our anti-virus and anti-malware programs to help prevent your business from being infected again.

With no contract required, you can use our engineers when your business needs it to keep your costs down.

If you have a virus problem then contact us today, or request a quote. A member of our West Lothian based team will be delighted to help.

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