Picking a new computer

Are you considering a new computer for your business?

buying a new computer? let us help you


If you are then I hope this series of emails will help you make the right decision, helping you prepare and choose the right one with no pain or confusion.

We will be looking at:
• Picking a new computer
• Preparation needed in our next blog
• What to do once you get your new computer, this will be in December

Its not long to Christmas so maybe you will be buying your business a present as well.  We will also be providing some other tips along with this subject.


Picking a new computer

Have you ever purchased a new computer only for it to slow down not long after getting it?  Getting the right computer can save you money even if the initial costs are more.  Even new computers can slow down when booting up or running a particular task.

Apple or Windows?  This is a tough question but one you should look into especially if you are looking to move from one to the other.

  • Do the programmes you use work on a Mac operating system?
  • You may have to purchase a windows package for your Mac or split your server

If you are staying with the same type of pc you still need to consider

  • Will your existing programs run on the operating system you will be getting
  • Does your program that runs on windows XP run on Windows 8?

Other Costs:

  • Will you need updated versions of programmes if they are older?
  • Will you need to buy new licences, if your keeping your old computer?

Don’t worry … I can help you by evaluating, recommending and keeping your new purchase stress free!



Now to the nitty gritty of the computer, the physical parts.  I have to admit Apple have this one nailed down as they only have a limited selection of hardware you can buy but I am afraid the same can’t be said about Windows computers.  Windows computers have such an array that it can be baffling and going to somewhere they have sales people on commission you don’t always get the right advice.
I am going to mention a few parts that need the most attention and hopefully in a manner everyone can understand.

To start with you need to look at the CPU, or the power house and brains, I always recommend an Intel processor.  Lately I have found them to be better than AMD in my opinion and I tend to stick with I3 or I5 versions.  It is easier to remember and for normal business working they are good but you can get an I7 if you are going to be using some more taxing programs.

This is the short term memory of a computer and where everything is stored while it is working on it.  If you get this part wrong then it makes the hard drive work harder and in return makes your computer go slower.  I always recommend 8GB as standard now but getting more is better.

Hard Drive
The long term memory and where all your documents are stored.  My preference is for 500GB or 1TB drives.  For normal use these are usually plenty, I have found higher drive failure rates from higher capacity drives and as a result tend to stay away from them.  If you are getting a system built for you then you can get faster drives installed.





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