Preparing for a new computer

Preparing for a new computer

waiting on a new computer

So you have bought your new computer and are waiting for it to arrive, isn’t it exciting (or is that just me).  While you are waiting there are still some tasks that can be done.

  • See what programs you use and need.
  • Find the DVD or download the software
  • Find where all your documents are
  • Get your current settings for emails and other programs
  • Get a device to copy your files across with, if you don’t already have one.

​See what programs you use and need

What programs do you open, what anti virus software do you use, any backup programs that you use?  With most businesses you don’t just have Microsoft Windows but also a host of other program to make it more usable and allow it perform that tasks needed to run your business.  From word processors to spreadsheets to business specific programs and everything in between.  You need to make a list of the programs that you run and need, with this chances are you will discover you don’t use certain programs anymore and this is the ideal change to leave them behind and not bog your new computer down.


Find the DVD or download the software

Now you have your list go and look out the CD’s or DVD’s for these programs, some however like Office 2013/365 and newer versions of Norton might only be available as a download so make sure you have your log in details for these.  Also make sure you have all and any serial codes as without them you might not be able to install the program at all.  When coming in to setup new computers for businesses it can take some time and even slow down the process while I wait on these being found and in some cases they cannot be found.

The advantage of the newer download methods is they usually have the activation code placed in them so you don’t need to find the code yourself but they can also take a long time if you have a slow broadband speed.


Find where all your documents are

This might seem like an easy one but I have seen people learn the hard way from this one.  While most say it will always be in their documents/pictures or video folder.  This is not always the case, some have placed files in the public folders to share them with colleges and some programs will save their files in a folder where the program is located which is not your documents folder.


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