Protect yourself from Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker – Let Us Help You Protect Yourself

cryptolocker screen


You may have heard of this nasty ransomware going around.  If not let us tell you more about it.


Once infected it will try to contact it’s servers on the internet, once it has done this it will encrypt all your data file on your computer and any mapped drives you have connected to your computer.  It will even encrypt your backup files.  They started off by asking for $100 then it went up to $300, now they are asking for 10 Bitcoins which is worth around £1500.  They also have a time limit on this so you need to make a decision in days to force your hand and if that is not bad enough if you have the virus removed then you cannot recover your files.


There are 2 ways to to protect yourself from this virus

  1. Use online backup that does not create a mapped drive.  Contact us if this interests you.
  2. Install our prevention tool.

We are giving this away at NO COST, just like/tweet/post or +1 to receive your download link.

This stops all the current versions from running and help keep you computer safe



[pwal id=”52729027″ description=”Download Your Free  Crypto Prevent Now”]Click here to download

Save the file on your computer and run.  You may be asked to verify you want to run this program, just click yes.

It will automatically allow all your current programs to run but if you have a problem the disable option is in the start menu [/pwal]


While this will update itself we do not guarantee it from future versions of this virus.  We still recommend you back your files up to an cloud solution to be safe.