Recycle Your Old Computers or Laptops

Recycle Your Old Computers or Laptops

recycle your old computer, laptop or mac

Got a new computer and don’t need your old one?  Why not get it recycled, we have teamed up with a company that will recycle 100% of your old computer for £5 we can recycle your computer, laptop or Mac.  making sure it does not go into a landfill site and contaminate the environment.  This service can save you time and money as well as complying with the law

What is covered in the £5 charge:

  • PC/computer disposal
  • laptop disposal
  • apple mac disposal

We can also help with the following for an additional cost:

  • CRT monitor disposal
  • Laser/inkjet printer disposal
  • Data destruction

Contact us to arrange a date to get your old equipment out of your way on 01506 667 990


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