slow computer? let us speed it up

speed boost for your computer


Don’t change your computer or mac give it a speed boost for only £99 and I can promise you will not be sorry.  Installing a solid state drive can give you boot times of around 20 seconds instead of minutes.


If your computer, mac or laptop is a few years old and starting to slow down then this will be like night and day.  Solid state drives use less power and handle heat better than a normal hard drive so work very well in laptops or small computers.  not only will this bring new life to your device but will save you money from buying a new computer or mac.

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What is done for the £99?

We will supply a 240GB solid state drive and clone your existing hard drive to it.  your current usage must be below 230GB for this to work properly


What will happen to my old hard drive?

We will had the drive back to you, however we can also fit it for you back into the computer or laptop.  If you prefer we can put it in an usb case so you can use it to back up to but these will incur extra for parts.

Can my old hard drive be installed in my laptop?

Yes most laptops have a conversion kit that removed the DVD drive and allows your old hard drive to be installed.  This will add extra storage space encase you need it.

What does this service not include

We do not include any other service including virus removal or tune up in this service