Smile – On the job with an Edinburgh dentist

Computer support for an Edinburgh Dentist


We recently got an emergency call out from a dentist in Edinburgh needing our computer support service, they had trouble with a computer and as such had to close their practice and needed our help fast.


The call came in just after 8am and they left a message, we called them back within 10 minutes and had arraigned to come out at 10am as we had a pick up already arraigned with an existing client and I needed some of my software from our office.


When I arrived I got a more detailed explanation that the computer got a Virus and one of the Dentists customers was in IT and had spent 4 hours trying to fix it.  In the end the dentist could no longer log in to his computer and this is where we got called in.

After having a look and finding that the computer had been disconnected from his server and the account he was trying to log into was in fact only on the computer and not linked to his server we were able to wipe his password so we could gain access to it.  We have many tools that anti virus companies calls as hacking or as threats and we need to be careful how and when to use them so we do not make the problem worse.  In this case I was now able to get on to his computer and assign it a password to secure the computer again.

As his office was part of a server controlled network we now joined his computer to his server and once the computer rebooted we were able to log back in to the account he uses and that all his files and shortcuts were where they should be.  At this point the dentist then tried his main software program Carestream Denatal’s CS R4 software.  This opened up and all his information was still intact.

The next job was to make sure the reception desk computer could access the same database, while this is normally on the server it was, in this case, on the dentists computer and when we tried to start it up it had connection problems.  The other part of what we do is talk to the technical help for line of business program suppliers.  If this case I talked to Carestream’s technical department and was able to assist them in getting the connection re-established and have the full dental practice up and running again within 2 hours.

As this problem effected this Edinburgh based dentist to the point he had to cancel all his appointments for that day, he was very relieved to have everything back working again and be able to get back to work.


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