Spam – How much does it cost your business?

SPAM the evil of Email!


Have you ever worked out how much spam costs you and your business?  Checking your emails to see if they are legitimate emails then deleting them, not to mention worrying if they are in fact a virus or not.


I have dealt with businesses where they have have been unable to send any emails as they have been labelled as sending out SPAM all because an employee clicked on in infected email.  Not only does this cost money to find and remove the infection but it also costs the business money in downtime and lost business.  Why risk your profits?


We have a package that helps eliminate not only spam but also any viruses attached to emails.  We use several methods to ensure that the email you get is email you want to receive and free from viruses no matter who they are from.  Our system will also block your computers from sending spam so you don’t get blacklisted and are stopped from sending legitimate emails.


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