Spend less than £5 and save over £100

Spend less than £5 and save over £100


How is this possible? Let me tell you a story….


I had a client tell me that they were down to their last working USB port and asked how much it would cost to fix their computer.


He was constantly had to put in and remove USB memory sticks


Between the cost of a replacement motherboard from the manufacturer and labour charges the cost was over £100.  In addition there was down time for his business while I installed the new part.


My alternative solution to his problem cost less than £5.


A simple USB Hub!

Once plugged in it didn’t have to be removed, thus preventing any more damage to his computer and he then had 4 slots to use.

Should the hub be damaged, he could easily get a new one without any computer downtime.


If you have a similar problem and a bit more cash to spend, then I would recommend getting a powered USB hub to take even more strain away from the computer.  Each device you plug in draws power from the computer port but with a powered hub all of the power is drawn from that, putting less strain on your computer.


Let me know what you think of this advice and if you would like more.

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