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IT Support Edinburgh


We know every business is different and as a result each company has different needs.

That is why we have come up with a range of IT support services bundled together to help your business run more smoothly.

IT Support Edinburgh

Choose the IT support that suits your business. Click on an IT support package for further details.

Pyramid Basic Protect

Pyramid Basic Protect IT Support Package Includes:

Computer Monitoring:

  • Check drive space – if you run out you can’t do anything including surf the internet or get emails
  • Make sure your hard drives are not filling up fast, (this can indicate that someone is downloading a lot of illegal music or films)
  • Check the health of your hard drive(s)
  • Check for errors in windows logs
  • Check common windows services to make sure they are running otherwise you might not be able to do certain things

Monthly Clean Up:

  • Backup your registry
  • Delete temporary files to free up space on your computer
  • Clean up Internet explorer to make it run better
  • Synchronise your clock to make sure it is correct so you can surf secure websites
  • Fix internet properties to make sure nothing has changed them

Software & Security Updates:

  • Keep your computer safe by keeping windows up to date
  • Stop hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in programs by keeping them up to date
  • Install patches for Windows and Office
  • Install updates to 14 commonly used programs and 72 other programs
  • Stop programs installing a second or third program(s) without your knowledge
  • Undertake a clean up every week instead of once a month
  • Install monitored Anti-Virus, giving you alerts by email if anything is found and enabling you to deal with them quickly and easily

Pyramid Advanced Protect

Pyramid Advanced Protect IT Support Package Includes:

All of the features in our Basic Protect Packages (above), plus:

  • Install anti-malware protection – check for more than just viruses with our anti malware scanning to keep your computer clean.
  • Web site filtering: stopping people accessing websites they are not permitted to and to those which can cause your computer harm.
  • Get reports on web usage and what has been blocked.
  • Employ Crypto Prevention to stop Crypto Locker installing itself on your computer

Pyramid All Access

Pyramid All Access IT Support Package Includes:

All of the features in our Basic Protect & Advanced Protect Packages (above), plus:

  • Remote support or computer drop off support
  • 100GB File level cloud backup

If you would like to speak to us about any of our IT Support Packages then contact us today. A member of our West Lothian-based team will be delighted to help.

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