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Mac support for businesses

Mac support


At Pyramid IT we have been helping Mac users with all things Apple on an ad hoc basis for some time.  Now we want to take it one step further and roll out dedicated support plans similar to what we offer our windows clients.

As well as helping businesses and home users with their MAC’s we now have dedicated plans in place to help businesses keep them secure and budget for their IT support.

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Pyramid IT Mac Support Packages

Choose the support that suits your Business. Click on a support package for further details.

Pyramid Basic Protect

Pyramid Basic Mac Protect IT Support Package Includes:

Computer Monitoring:

  • Check drive space – if you run out you can’t do anything including surf the internet or get emails
  • Make sure your hard drives are not filling up fast, (this can indicate that someone is downloading a lot of illegal music or films)
  • Check the health of your hard drive(s) and RAID
  • Check for system performance
  • Check for network performance
  • Check common backup programs to make sure they have ran
  • Disk verification and repair if needed

Software & Security Updates:

  • Keep your computer safe by keeping your Mac up to date
  • Stop hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in 3rd party programs by keeping them up to date
  • Install a basic monitored Anti-Virus

Pyramid Advanced Mac Protect

Pyramid Advanced Protect IT Support Package Includes:

All of the features in our Pyramid Basic Mac Protect Packages (above), plus

  • Advanced  monitored Anti virus and malware scan
  • Web filtering
  • Online backup of files
  • Managed software installs, make each mac in your business have the same software

Pyramid All Access

Pyramid All Access IT Support Package Includes:

All of the features in our Basic Mac Protect & Advanced Mac Protect Packages (above), plus:

  • Remote support or computer drop off support
  • Priority support

Call us today on 01506 667 990 or request a call back and we will call you to see how our support can improve your Mac experience.

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