The Top Three Social Media Risks for Businesses

Social media networking is great for businesses; however, far too many organisations focus on its benefits without giving a second thought to the security risks associated with its use.

Make sure you are fully aware of the threats that are out there, so it’s not your business that winds up on the receiving end of malicious activity. Here’s how:

1- Keep tabs on what information your employees are sharing

It’s quite common for people to share their promotion news on Facebook or to Tweet about how tired they are after a busy week working on a new product launch. However, without meaning to, they may be sharing your top strategic secrets with your competitors. Or worse still, putting your clients’ privacy at risk.

Take action:

Develop comprehensive social media policies that educate employees on the importance of thinking before posting. Install SecureMySocial, advanced software that tracks what information employees are sharing online and generates real-time warnings when any material of concern is shared.

2- Monitor what’s said about your brand online

It’s very easy for what was assumed to be amusing content to be misconstrued, and many organisations have witnessed first hand the devastating effects of mistimed posts. Sometimes disgruntled employees may even purposely attempt to take a brand down.

Take action:

Make use of Google Alerts, an established (and free) tool that will send you alerts when your brand’s keywords are mentioned, allowing you to pick up on any negative press at the earliest opportunity.

3- Protect against data theft

Your social media channels can be as vulnerable to external attacks as they are to employees’ actions. Hackers can attempt to access the passwords to your social media sites to subsequently launch attacks.

Take action:

Try a password protection tool like LastPass or Keepass. They generate random strings of characters that represent strong passwords and then handles these via an app so that you don’t need to remember them.


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