URGENT Java update

URGENT Java Update


You may or may not have seen some of the online security experts saying to disable or even uninstall Java due to a big security hole, which would allow a hacker to download and run their own programs without your permission.  Oracle have not released an emergency patch to fix this security breach and here is how to go about making sure you are safe.


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  1. go to www.java.com ad click on Do I have Java? Then click on Verify Java
  2. This will say if you have it installed.  If you don’t your safe and don’t need to read any further.  If you do have it installed them..
  3. click on the download Java now button
  4. The agree and download button, as long as you agree to their terms and conditions.
  5. this will download an exe file, run this and put in your administrator credentials if needed
  6. You are up to date.


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