what do you want fro an online backup solution?

Here at Pyramid It we are currently reviewing our online backup solutions


While we make these araingments we wanted to get you optinions

Some of the solutions we can offer are

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  • monitored or unmonitored –  we can have options that allow us to monitor your backups directly or have then send an email if they fail.
  • capped price for a set amount of space or pay for what you use.  Capped price means you know how much you will be charged each month but pay for what you use changes every month
  • ability to share backed up files with other
  • User control.  Allow certain people in your business control to see what has been backed up and other just the ability to restore and even not allow certain users any ability except have their files backed up


Our last option is to back up your files to our servers, located here in scotland


Let us know what you think.


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