What Is The Outlook Social Connector?

Stay connected with your contacts


picture of outlook social connector screen

The Outlook Social Connector is an Outlook add-on that allows you to connect your Outlook Inbox with your social networking sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook. This tool is valuable for both networking and keeping organized. It allows the user to see Facebook and LinkedIn status updates. It also allows the user to stay updated with colleagues and track business partners’ developments. Moreover, it shows contact profile pictures which makes it easier to focus on the person you are communicating with.

What Are Its Features?

The Outlook Social Connector works with several versions of Outlook and keeps track of your contacts:

The People Pane: In this section all your contacts will show, their profile pictures, their social networking information, and when you last contacted them. You can customize further The People Pane to view pertinent information to you. For example, you can decide whether or not you want to see someone’s status update or only their direct e-mail communication. Information about latest/more recent communication with a contact is a time saver and extremely important because the information is readily available.

Adding Pictures to E-mails: When you type someone’s e-mail into the addressee box, their picture will show up which ensures that you are sending the email to exactly the intended people rather than giving access to Outlook to populate the address bar and sending the email to another person whose name starts with the same letter.

Adding People as Contacts on Social Networking Sites: This is surprisingly easy with this add-on. As long as this feature is activated, you can add someone as a contact without going on the social networking site. You just need to have these social networking sites already linked to Outlook.