What’s New in SharePoint 2016?

Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the top platforms for content sharing and collaborative projects, and the latest release for 2016 includes more features that further facilitate file sharing. Here are some of the most notable additions to SharePoint:

Increased Compatibility with Office 365: Although a true SharePoint and Office 365 hybrid is not yet available, SharePoint now works more seamlessly with Office 365. For instance, when you click on OneDrive from SharePoint, you now are redirected directly to the Office 365 My Site instead of the On-Premises folder. The sites you follow both On-Premises and on My Site are also combined to reduce confusion, and the Cloud Search now scours both locations as well.

Better Uploading Capabilities: Although SharePoint isn’t designed for the purpose of storing large files, it didn’t prevent users from sharing large files. Previously, SharePoint was limited to uploads of 2GB and below. Now, the limit has been lifted with a suggestion to keep files below 10 GB for fast upload times.

New Compliance Center: With the new Compliance Center in SharePoint, you can automate a lot of your file cleanup. From a user-friendly interface, users can set rules for deleting certain types of files and easily manage permissions and exceptions. This gives users more control over data organisation and keeps only pertinent files in storage.

Touch-Friendly Interface: with the increase in remote collaboration on projects using devices like tablets and smartphones, the addition of a touch-friendly interface was a vital one for SharePoint’s ease of use. This eliminates, or at least reduces, awkward fumbling to share content with collaborators when on the go and saves significant amounts of time.

Automated Indexed Columns: While users could have up to 30,000,000 documents saved on SharePoint, they were limited to viewing up to 5,000 of them without the technical know-how to index columns. SharePoint now automatically indexes the data within the Document Library to keep the system running smoothly and documents organised. The automated indexing also makes searching within your Document Library faster with more accurate results.

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