Windows 10 So far

Windows 10 so far


Windows 10 has been available for a couple of days now and I thought I would round up some of the things we have either come across or heard about from other technicians.


Firstly I still would not recommend any business upgrade just now, instead wait a couple of months.  If you have clicked to reserve your copy then sign up to get our upgrade check list.  This will save you time and money should you go ahead with any upgrade.


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What problems have we seen or heard about?

  • Windows starts the upgrade to Windows 10 by itself
  •  To start with there is a lot of “something happened”.  This is a very generic error that seems to be popping up at various stages and if windows 10 was in the middle of being installed then the system restores back to the way it was.
  • Windows has lost the licence key.  For years you got a sticker on your computer with a COA code that should you need to reinstall windows you could type in but these often got rubbed out so modern computers have it stored in the BIOS but this is not very accessible to read without an additional program so when the upgrade loses your COA it can be hard or time consuming to get it back
  • High CPU usage, this is where the brain of the computer is constantly after the upgrade meaning your computer is very slow.
  • Outlook cant send emails.  We have seen this happen to someone after the upgrade where they cannot send emails from Outlook but they can send from their tables and phones.  This could cause a lot of problems for businesses.
  • If you use a program to keep your drivers updated then this has been seen to crash your computer
  • AMD graphics cards are not working well with Microsoft’s new browser Edge and cause it to crash
  • Chrome is unstable at the moment and crashes.  sometimes you might need to reinstall it.
  • The dreaded Blue screen of death can appear (BSOD) and you will need to reinstall Windows 10 again

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