Windows 10 upgrade service

Windows 10 let us help you


To help you get the most out of Windows 10 we have put together some packages to get you up and running as quick as possible and with the fewest problems.

[gdlr_accordion style=”style-1″ initial=”4″] [gdlr_tab title=”Basic upgrade”]Upgrade direct from your current system, this is the quickest but in my experience not the best option[/gdlr_tab] [gdlr_tab title=”Clean start”]We will perform the following tasks

  • Test your hard drive for faults
  • Remove your old version of windows
  • Install a fresh copy of windows 10 and install all the drivers for your computer to make sure everything works[/gdlr_tab] [gdlr_tab title=”Clean start with install”]Just like the clean start we will perform all of the same tasks but install your software( you need to provide disks, licence keys or online logins) and get you back to work as fast as possible.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Clean start with install and backup”]We will perform all the same tasks as the clean start with install but with the following

  • Backup your current system and keep it on file for 1 month or
  • Backup your system to an external hard drive of yours so you can revert back should you not like windows 10
  • Give you 2 months free monitored anti virus[/gdlr_tab]


Call us to book an appointment or discuss your options on 01506 667 990