Windows XP first real test

How will Microsoft respond to this?


Internet explorer flaw could allow someone to take control of your computer by visiting a website or opening an email.  This flaw is in all versions of Internet Explorer from version 6 upwards.  All these are ones used by Window XP, which Microsoft have stopped support for.


As this flaw is so big I am wondering if they will issue a patch, especially as it is so close to their date or even if they will issue an internet explorer patch that works on XP.  While the flaw does not automatically give the hacker administrative rights, so an office with a server, the hacker would only have  limited access but this can then be used for other things.  However most small businesses without a server have the user logged on as an administrator, meaning they could do what they wanted to the computer.


Our advice is to stop using internet explorer and use Google’s Chrome or Firefox browsers, either until it’s fixed or just stop using Internet Explorer all together.  We use Google’s Chrome browser as our choice but both are good.  The security devices we supply have already came out with a patch to block anyone taking advantage of this flaw as well as the Heartbleed bug


If you have any questions about this then please just give us a call to see if we can help on 01506 667 990

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